Top 7 CFD Brokers in UAE 2023

Many renowned CFD brokerage businesses have branched out into the United Arab Emirates in recent years. This enables traders in the area to compare brokers by taking into account aspects like price, account options, and market accessibility.

The best CFD brokers that are authorized to offer CFD trading services in Dubai and the UAE are reviewed in this article. The evaluations cover cost, market accessibility, extra perks, and the range of available account kinds.

Top 7 CFD Brokers in UAE

Let us now explore the top 7 CFD brokers in UAE, including notable ones like XPro Markets and Libertex. Hold your belts and read till the end to get a glimpse of what else these brokers have to offer:

1. is a reputable brand that delivers an exceptional trading experience for forex and CFD traders worldwide. It boasts a diverse range of markets and offers a remarkable suite of proprietary trading platforms with limited access to MetaTrader.

While it may not be considered a discount broker unless you engage in larger-volume trades,’s multi-asset offering is designed to cater to forex traders of all skill levels.


  •’s parent company, StoneX, is publicly traded on NASDAQ (SNEX) and holds regulatory approvals in seven Tier-1 jurisdictions, one Tier-2 jurisdiction, and one Tier-4 jurisdiction.
  • In our 2023 Annual Awards, received the “Best in Class” designation in multiple core categories, including Platforms and tools.
  • The wide range of available markets shines brightest on’s flagship Advanced Trading (desktop) and Web Trading (browser) platforms.
  • The Web Trader platform features advanced charting from TradingView, seamlessly integrated and accessible through the same username.
  • Following’s acquisition of Chasing Returns, live account holders can now access performance analytics free of charge.


  • MetaTrader 5 is only available to clients outside of the United States, though it was set to launch domestically in 2022.
  • The educational resources provided to U.S. traders are not as comprehensive as those available on’s new U.K. website.
  •’s MT5 platform offers approximately 600 instruments, significantly fewer than the over 4,500 instruments available on its non-MetaTrad platforms.
  • Despite offering high-quality written content, is not as active in producing video content compared to its peers in the research and education category.

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2. IG 

IG provides a comprehensive trading package that encompasses outstanding trading and research tools, top-tier education resources, and an extensive array of tradable markets. As a trusted multi-asset broker, IG is publicly traded and maintains regulatory oversight worldwide, offering an exceptional overall trading experience.


  • Established in 1974, IG is publicly traded on the London Stock Exchange (LON: IGG) and regulated in eight Tier-1 jurisdictions, two Tier-2 jurisdictions, and one Tier-4 jurisdiction.
  • In our 2023 Annual Awards, IG earned the distinction of being the most trusted broker for forex and CFDs.
  • IG stands out as a premier forex broker, securing the 1st Overall position in our 2023 Annual Awards.
  • IG excelled by finishing second in Platforms and Tools and clinching the top spot for Research. Moreover, it was designated as “Best in Class” (among the top 7) in Offering Investments (with a selection of over 19,000 tradeable instruments), Commissions and Fees, Education, Mobile Trading, and Professional Trading.
  • IG’s acquisition of Tastytrade for $1 billion introduced options trading and listed derivatives (e.g., futures) trading for U.S. clients.


  • While IG’s industry-leading web platform is excellent, it lacks predefined layouts, requiring some manual configuration.
  • Despite offering premium MT4 add-ons from FX Blue and Autochartist integration, IG’s MetaTrader offering still provides only 76 tradeable instruments.

3. CMC Markets

CMC Markets enjoys a strong global reputation and provides an outstanding trading experience, primarily due to its competitive pricing and an extensive selection of over 12,000 tradable instruments.


  • Established in 1989, CMC Markets is publicly traded and holds regulatory approvals in five Tier-1 jurisdictions and two Tier-2 jurisdictions.
  • CMC Markets stands out as a leader in low-cost forex trading, offering notably lower trading costs compared to industry standards.
  • Competitive pricing options are available for active traders, subject to eligibility based on your country of residence and relevant regulations.
  • CMC Markets’ Next Generation platform offers an extensive selection of over 12,000 tradable instruments.
  • The platform provides an excellent user experience, advanced tools, comprehensive market research, and a well-designed mobile app.
  • CMC Markets’ Invest app is accessible in Australia for trading exchange-traded equities.
  • Introduced in 2021, CMC Markets’ Dynamic Trading product for professional clients allows fine-tuning of investment portfolios through percentage weightings.


  • CMC Markets’ MetaTrader 4 (MT4) offering has a limited number of tradable symbols. However, enhancements made in 2021, including Beeks VPS and plugins from Autochartist and FX Blue, have significantly improved its offering.
  • While CMC Markets offers robust educational content, it lacks features like progress tracking, quizzes, and interactive learning materials.
  • Although CMC TV has increased its in-house video production, it still has room for improvement in regaining its pre-pandemic position in this category.

4. Pepperstone 

Pepperstone offers an expanding array of tradable markets, high-quality research, and support for various social copy trading platforms. The brokerage provides access to TradingView, cTrader, and MetaTrader, earning recognition as the Best in Class MetaTrader broker in 2023. Furthermore, Pepperstone’s extensive selection of third-party tools and plugins complements its already impressive suite of platforms.


  • Founded in 2010, Pepperstone holds regulatory approvals in three Tier-1 jurisdictions, two Tier-2 jurisdictions, and two Tier-4 jurisdictions.
  • Pepperstone’s dual offering of MetaTrader and cTrader caters well to algorithmic traders and copy traders.
  • The brokerage offers multiple platform add-ons that enhance the MetaTrader user experience.
  • Pepperstone’s research offerings exceed industry standards, although it may trail behind leaders like IG or Saxo Bank.
  • Pepperstone’s range of tradable markets continues to grow.
  • Competitive pricing is available for active traders using Pepperstone’s Razor accounts, while trading costs for retail traders are considered average.
  • Multiple social copy trading platforms are at traders’ disposal.


  • The selection of educational materials at Pepperstone is on par with industry averages but does not match up to category leaders.

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5. Saxo Markets 

Saxo Bank is an exclusive multi-asset broker known for its outstanding research and superb trading platform experience. It boasts an impressive selection of over 70,000 tradable instruments, making it a top choice for active traders or those with the means to meet the substantial account balance requirements. Saxo Bank provides a comprehensive trading experience, offering a vast array of tools, research resources, and premium features.


  • Founded in 1992, Saxo Bank operates three regulated banks and holds licenses in seven Tier-1 jurisdictions and one Tier-2 jurisdiction.
  • Saxo Bank provides access to a vast selection of over 70,000 instruments, including crypto derivatives (subject to location), micro-futures, and forex options.
  • The flagship platform, SaxoTraderGo, offers all the essential tools and features required for navigating the market.
  • Saxo Bank offers complex order types and account protection features to effectively manage risk.
  • The brokerage transparently publishes average spread data not only across daily trading sessions but also by order size, highlighting its ability to provide the best execution at scale.
  • The addition of Corellian Academy content for risk management complements Saxo Bank’s existing educational resources.
  • Competitive pricing is available for VIP and Platinum account holders, while Classic account holders pay closer to the industry average, especially on pairs like EUR/USD.
  • Saxo Bank produces high-quality video content for its educational courses and has increased its production of research-themed video content in 2023.


  • While Saxo Bank’s educational content is excellent, there is room for improvement, such as adding progress tracking and quizzes and expanding the number of lessons in written and video formats.
  • The minimum deposit requirements are relatively high: €2,000 for an entry-level Classic account, with Platinum and VIP accounts requiring minimums of $200,000 and $1,000,000, respectively. Those seeking lower minimums may consider IG or CMC Markets.
  • The SaxoTraderPRO desktop platform, while powerful, requires time for full customization.
  • Charts on SaxoTraderGO, while powerful, lack the ability to quickly modify stop-loss and/or limit orders by dragging and dropping.

6. Libertex

Regulated by CySEC, Libertex offers a diversified portfolio of assets for trading, including forex, stocks, indices, commodities, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies. The platform’s spreads are competitive, and it offers leverage options to suit different trading styles. 


  • Libertex boasts a quick and hassle-free registration process, allowing traders to get started swiftly.
  • The platform offers an intuitive user interface that enables online trading on a variety of gadgets, including PCs, laptops, and mobile devices.
  • Over 300 CFDs are available from Libertex, including those for equities, precious metals, oil & gas, indices, and cryptocurrencies. Due to this variety, traders may access well-liked underlying assets on a single platform.
  • Libertex provides competitive spreads, which can be advantageous for traders looking to minimize trading costs.
  • The platform offers an investment account that enables users to invest in real stocks without incurring commission fees, potentially saving on trading expenses.


  • Libertex accounts may incur fees tied to the underlying asset being traded. For instance, there is a 0.0005% fee on Forex CFDs, which could add to trading costs.
  • Libertex does not offer proprietary technological solutions for passive investing, potentially limiting the options available to traders looking for automated or algorithmic trading strategies.
  • It is primarily available in web and mobile app versions. This limitation means that traders may not have access to custom indicators and advisors, and algorithmic trading features are not available, which could be a drawback for more advanced traders seeking advanced customization and automation capabilities.
Forex.comWide range of CFDs, competitive pricing, user-friendly platform, added featuresLimited customer support options
IGPersonalized service, tailored solutions, deep liquidity, high market range, trading toolsHigher spreads than some competitors
CMC MarketsExcellent trading platform for high-frequency and active traders, a wide range of CFD productsLimited educational resources
PepperstoneFocus on MT4 and automated trading strategies, caters to high-net-worth individuals, CFDs on popular local marketsRelatively new to the UAE market
Saxo MarketsUltra-competitive pricing, robust trading platform, access to over 8,800 instrumentsComplex platform for beginners
LibertexRegulated by CySEC, diversified portfolio of assets, competitive spreads, leverage options, user-friendly platformLimited research tools

Winding Up

The UAE’s flourishing financial landscape has attracted a plethora of reputable CFD brokers, each offering its unique strengths and benefits to traders in the region. The choice of the right CFD broker ultimately depends on your specific trading preferences, goals, and level of experience., with its extensive range of CFDs and user-friendly platform, is an excellent choice for traders looking for a well-rounded experience. IG stands out for its personalized service and deep liquidity, catering to those seeking tailored solutions. CMC Markets offers an exceptional platform for high-frequency traders, while Pepperstone focuses on MT4 and automated trading strategies, targeting high-net-worth individuals.

Saxo Markets provides access to an extensive array of instruments with ultra-competitive pricing, making it a strong contender. XPro Markets, with its tight spreads and educational resources, is a suitable option for both novice and experienced traders. Libertex, regulated by CySEC, offers a diverse portfolio of assets and a user-friendly platform.

Each of these CFD brokers has its pros and cons, and the choice boils down to your individual needs. It’s crucial to conduct thorough research and perhaps even try out demo accounts before selecting the one that aligns best with your trading objectives.

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