Top 5 Android Games Like Ludo King

Ludo King and games like Ludo is the most played and loved game played in recent years. Since 2016 it has ruled over many people’s hearts and smartphones. This game has become one of the favorite games for players as more than 2 players can play and they can also play with their friends and family sitting far away from each other. 

There is not only one game for Ludo as Ludo King, there are many other games that you can play on smartphones and connect with friends and family by playing the Ludo game. Everyone knows how to play Ludo nevertheless, if you are a beginner, let’s have quick knowledge on the rules of Ludo Game. 

Ludo game is one of the easiest games to play. It has 4 sides with different colors (Red, Blue, Yellow, Green). Everyone has their own side with 4 tokens that they have to roam around the board to reach the home safely and one dice. To start the game, the player has to roll the dice and get six. The token will move clockwise on the board with the numbers you get on the dice. If the opponent token captures your token, you go back to the home and start the match again yourself. The player who gets all 4 tokens first at home, the player wins. 

Furthermore, while there are many Ludo games available on Android and iOS platforms, with different features and reward systems, you can go to the game development company and ask them to make a Ludo variation game. 

However, before developing your own app, you should what other games like Ludo are offering you and what are there distinct features. 

Top 5 Android Games Like Ludo King

Ludo King is one of the games played on Android and iOS platforms but there are other games similar to Ludo King that are also gaining popularity slowly. So let’s know about them one by one. 

Ludo All-Star

Ludo All-Star is a perfect variation of the Ludo King. This game is published by YOOZOO GLOBAL. In this game, there is a board with four colored squares (red, blue, yellow, green). Each color has four tokens placed place in the small square at the start of the game. And all of them race against each other with the help of numbers on the dice. The difference in this game is with the player’s movement, the scores add up on the scoreboard. This way you beat the opponent.  

Ludo Neo-Classic: King of the Dice

Ludo Neo-Classic: King of the Dice is a board game that offers, adventure, classic, Single, and multiplayer video game published by Neoclassic Tech. This game is also played the same as Ludo All-Star where the player has to roll the dice and move the 4 tokens toward the home base safely. The scoreboard increases the points to a specific pawn. This game is distinguished from others by it lets resume the game progress where you paused it without any concern, 

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Ludo Supremo

Board, single-player, and multiplayer strategy video game Ludo Supremo was developed and released by EnsenaSoft for iOS and Microsoft Windows. The game offers addicting gameplay for those gamers searching for a pleasant gaming experience with friends and is set in a stunning 3D setting. The player in the game has the option of playing by themselves or taking on three other players in the difficult mode of tokens and chance. Depending on how the dice roll, each player has four tokens from the beginning through the end of the game. It has gameplay that is similar to other Ludo games and uses circles and crosses like the Pachisi board game popular in India. 

Ludo Party

Ludo Party is a board, adventure, casual video game developed by Miniclip. This game is played similarly to other Ludo variants. The player starts on a square board with 4 different bases having four tokens for each. There would be sixteen tokens playing together to reach a home base safely. In this game, you can voice chat with friends or online competitors. Also, it has different playable modes like classic, master, quick, and magic.  

Ludo Club

Ludo Club is published and developed by Moon Frog and provides adventure, classic, single, and multiplayer games for both the platforms Android and iOS. In this game, the players have to find themselves on a board that consists of four colors where they have to place the token on respective colors with strategy and luck. When they play on smartphones, they have to master the board to reach the top of the leaderboard. There are two modes classic and rush mode. In rush mode, the competition gets tougher. 

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Final Words

These are games like Ludo King that can be played if you get bored of one variation. You can download all these games on your smartphone and play them well to become PRO in the Ludo game. If you are actively searching the alternatives to Ludo King, we hope we helped you in any manner to get different games without any issues. With this article, you must have got various mobile game ideas. 

However, if you want to build your own Ludo Game, you can contact the Ludo game app development company to provide unique games to players and get great success in the future. 

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