Top 10 Cricket Live Line App development companies in Jaipur 

Are you a fan of cricket and looking for the top Jaipur-based companies for cricket live-streaming applications? Look nowhere else! These top 10 Cricket Live Line Api App development companies focus on creating cricket live line apps that keep you informed of the most recent cricket scores, news, and data.

So here are the Top 10 cricket live line Api app Development companies in Jaipur are listed below. Have a look!

Latiyal infotech

Latiyal Infotech Cricket live line API provider is an Indian company that develops websites and mobile applications for customers all over the world. Although we were early adopters of cryptocurrencies, our company specializes in cryptocurrency and altcoin development. They serve a wide range of niches in the mobile and web development space.

What distinguishes Latiyal Infotech as the top Live Line Cricket app development company?

With personalized mobile apps from Latiyal Infotech, you can increase your company’s return on investment and excite your customers.

Incredible Features

A schedule of forthcoming games

Sports-related data

Experts and innovators as a team

The surveys

Information and news on sports

Why You Should Choose Latiyal Infotech

Latiyal Infotech works to deliver superior results through innovative design and cutting-edge technology. You can rely on us to be trustworthy, dependable, and dependable. We make sure that it is applied in a way that gives you digital power while staying current with trends and planning for changes.


The cricket scorecard app CricHeroes, which offers real-time updates on live matches, news, and scores, is renowned for its accuracy. Additionally, they provide features like player profiles, schedules for matches, and live streaming.

The real-time scoring system of the CricHeroes app, which offers immediate updates on live matches, is one of its standout features. Additionally, the app provides player profiles with in-depth statistics, such as batting and bowling averages, strike rates, and more. Additionally, users can view match schedules and sign up for match alerts. Furthermore, the CricHeroes app offers live streaming of games so that users can view live games on their mobile devices.

In general, CricHeroes is a well-liked option for cricket fans looking for precise and trustworthy cricket scoreboard applications that offer real-time information.

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Nine Hertz

A well-known Jaipur-based app development business called Nine Hertz specializes in creating excellent cricket live-streaming apps for both Android and iOS platforms. This company has over ten years of experience in the app development market and has become a reputable name in the sector.

Here are some of the services and features offered by Nine Hertz in their cricket live line app development:

Live score updates are provided by Nine Hertz, keeping you informed of the most recent results, ball-by-ball analysis, and other statistics.

News and Updates: The business offers the most recent cricket news and updates, including match schedules, team news, and player statistics.

Customization: Nine Hertz provides clients with cricket live line app solutions that are specifically tailored to meet their demands and specifications.

Push Notifications: Even when the app is closed, push notifications from the app keep you up to speed on the most recent results and updates.

The software has a user-friendly UI that is simple to use and offers a seamless user experience.

Advance Features: To improve the entire user experience, Nine Hertz provides additional features like live streaming, match predictions, and highlights.


The Jaipur-based VerveLogic is a highly skilled app development company that specializes in making unique cricket live line apps. The company has a group of talented and knowledgeable developers that are authorities in their fields and have years of experience creating top-notch apps. They collaborate extensively with their customers to fully understand their requirements and create an app that lives up to their expectations.

VerveLogic is a fantastic option if you’re seeking for a dependable and skilled app development company to make a high-quality cricket live line app. They are well-equipped to create an app that fulfills your objectives and goes above and beyond your expectations thanks to their experience, customization possibilities, dedication to quality, and cost-effective solutions.


An international provider of digital solutions, Appinventiv is driven to provide cutting-edge and approachable mobile apps for companies of all sizes. Appinventiv, which has a sizable presence in Jaipur, has quickly emerged as the go-to app development company for Fortune 500 businesses, startups, and independent business owners alike.

Appinventiv stands out from other app development companies because of their consistent dedication to producing high-quality apps that adhere to clients’ particular needs. To ensure that every app they create is customized to each client’s specific demands and objectives, their team of talented app developers, designers, and testers works directly with clients.

So, look no further than Appinventiv if you’re looking for a trustworthy and knowledgeable app development company in Jaipur. Their team of talented app designers and developers will collaborate closely with you to bring your app idea to life and make sure it adheres to your unique requirements and objectives. To begin, get in touch with them immediately!

BR Softech

A prominent developer of apps and APIs for cricket live lines, BR Softech is situated in Jaipur. Since it began offering clients high-quality app development services more than ten years ago, the company has established a solid reputation for its proficiency in creating apps related to cricket.

The thorough method of app creation used by BR Softech is one of its distinctive qualities. In order to give clients a seamless and top-notch app development experience, they offer end-to-end app development services, from concept and design to programming and testing.

The Cricket Api app Development and app development services provided by BR Softech include push notifications, player statistics, and real-time score updates. Additionally, they provide custom app development services, enabling customers to customize their Cricket live line apps to meet their unique requirements.

The attention BR Softech pays to client satisfaction is another distinctive quality. Their skilled team of developers collaborates closely with customers to comprehend their objectives and offer solutions that meet their expectations. To keep the app current with the most recent cricket updates and features, they also provide post-launch support and maintenance services.

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TechAhead is a cutting-edge mobile app development company headquartered in Jaipur that focuses on developing cutting-edge apps for companies of all kinds. It has established a reputation as one of the top app development firms in Jaipur thanks to its many years of experience in the field.

Their team of knowledgeable app designers, testers, and developers has experience creating apps for a variety of markets, including sports and entertainment. They build specialized, top-notch apps that are tailored to the needs of their clients using the most recent technology and development frameworks.

This Company stands out from other app development companies due to its commitment to giving its customers a flawless experience. They collaborate closely with their clients to make sure that their software exceeds their expectations and satisfies their objectives from concept to launch and beyond.

worked with a diverse group of clients, including Fortune 500 firms, SMBs, and startups. They have a track record of producing outstanding results and have won various accolades for their efforts, including inclusion on Clutch’s list of the best Indian app development companies.

Octal IT Solution 

In 2007, Octal IT Solution was established. Since then, it has expanded into a multinational app development company with significant operations in India, the US, and other nations. Octal IT Solution has developed a reputation as a market leader in the development of creative and user-friendly apps for companies of all sizes. Octal IT Solution has established itself as a reliable partner for companies wishing to create cutting-edge mobile apps and digital solutions by placing a strong emphasis on quality, transparency, and client happiness.

Overall, Octal IT Solution is a dynamic and forward-thinking app development company dedicated to providing top-notch services that are customized to each client’s specific requirements. They have become a pioneer in the app development sector by focusing on customer satisfaction and producing great results.

Arka Softwares

Cricket is all about ability, accuracy, and tenacity. The same features in a live-line cricket mobile app would be adored by cricket fans from all around the world. Cricket fans may experience the same level of excitement from watching the game online with features like real-time live line updates that appear as they happen, live commentary, multiple sports live lines, expert polls, public polls, and live chat.

The company developing live line cricket mobile apps for more than ten years is called Arka Softwares. They are the most renowned that provides both Android and iOS custom mobile app development. 

They provide you with mobile apps that have millions of downloads on app stores since we are aware of how sports fans feel.

You can always rely on Arka Softwares’ creative ability if you want a live-line cricket mobile app that is feature-rich, robust, reliable, and safe. We are the only firm that develops custom live line mobile apps and offers next-generation sports mobile apps with infinite scaling options. You can also get feedback from their customers regarding our unwavering commitment to them.

Endive Software

Endive Software is a well-known app development firm with headquarters in Jaipur, India, and more than a decade of experience in the field. Their team of talented app designers, testers, and developers collaborate closely with customers to create user-friendly, personalized apps that satisfy each client’s specific needs.

The ability of Endive Software to provide cutting-edge and top-notch solutions across a range of industries, including healthcare, banking, and e-commerce, sets them apart from other app development companies. They produce cutting-edge programs that go above and beyond customer expectations by utilizing the most recent technology and development frameworks.

Their emphasis on open communication, transparency, and ongoing support throughout the app development process reflects their customer-centric approach. They make it a priority to make sure that their customers are happy with the finished product, and they have won multiple awards for their efforts, including being named a top app development company by Clutch.

RV Technologies

A reputable app development company with over ten years of experience, RV Technologies offers top-notch services. They have a group of skilled programmers who focus on creating cricket live line apps with in-the-moment updates.

One of the benefits of choosing RV Technologies for the Cricket Api app Development is their proficiency in creating precise, user-friendly apps with various features. They have a history of producing user-friendly apps that offer real-time updates on ongoing matches, player statistics, and other pertinent data.

Additionally, RV Technologies provides custom app development services, so they can create a cricket live line app that is adapted to your unique needs. Their programmers collaborate closely with customers to learn about their needs and create apps that specifically address them.

Additionally, RV Technologies provides extensive testing and quality assurance services to guarantee the stability and bug-free operation of the apps they create. In order to maintain the app’s smooth operation and keep it current with the most recent cricket updates and features, they also offer post-launch support and maintenance services.

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The top 10 Cricket Live Line Api app Development companies in Jaipur that are renowned for their skill and experience in producing top-notch cricket live line apps have been mentioned in this article. We have provided a brief overview of each company, including information about their areas of expertise and competitive advantages.

These companies provide unique cricket live line app solutions that meet the various requirements of cricket lovers. They offer live score updates, news, statistics, and other cutting-edge elements that improve the user experience overall. These companies have made a name for themselves as reliable names in the app development sector thanks to their cutting-edge technology and creative ideas.

These top 10 Cricket Live Line Api development companies in Jaipur will deliver the greatest outcomes if you’re wanting to create a cricket live stream app. With their knowledge and experience, they can produce a top-notch app that will elevate your cricketing experience.

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